Friday, February 6, 2009

The Backposts Have Lots of Wonderful Pictures

Someone asked a bit ago where they could find the pictures I took of the Izannahs from the Strong Museum in the back posts. I took hundreds of pictures and spent hours and hours editing and saving the pictures for posting. It was a joy to share them here. I'll also put them in links in the sidebar for future reference. This is just to remind you that the backposts have many wonderful pictures which are not accessible in the sidebar. So scroll down and click on "older posts" to see previously posted pictures. And here are links to posts with the Izannah dolls from my trip to the Strong Museum.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Texture of 100 Years of Dollhood

The texture of over 100 years of dollyhood is beautiful. It's my hope that the creations I make will be around 100 years from now and more, even if they show the signs of loving care of their owners. You've seen this doll before, but not some of the detail pictures I was able to take, courtesy of Lucy's Doll House in Camden, Maine.

The dress on this doll is particularly sweet.
The fabric was so fine and thin, and the print so charming.

This particular doll was layered in clothing - she had on pantaloons, then a chemise and under slip, and then on top of that was an embroidered dress undergarment, and finally the sweet dress above.

Ida Mae: An Izannah Walker Doll

Back in the fall I visited with a wonderful lady, who shared her antique Izannah Walker doll with me, and allowed me to document her doll.  ...