Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Ida Mae: An Izannah Walker Doll

Back in the fall I visited with a wonderful lady, who shared her antique Izannah Walker doll with me, and allowed me to document her doll.  The doll also has a beautiful wardrobe which came with the doll.  The doll's name is Ida Mae.  She was included in the August 2011 issue of Antique Doll Dollector magazine, in an article written by Carol Corson, entitled "An Izannah Walker Reunion." 

Every Izannah Walker doll is interesting.  How they are made is interesting, and their accumulated story is interesting as well. This doll has collected an extensive wardrobe which came with her to the present owner. I will be making a separate post (or posts) about Ida Mae's wardrobe.  

Ida Mae measures about 17 1/2" tall.  Provenance which came with the doll says was originally with a family from Central Falls, Rhode Island. When I take pictures, I usually try to take pictures from many angles, as it gives information about that doll, but also about Izannah's work in general.

This doll has angled ears which are a little bit lower and more forward than some Izannah Walker dolls. The image below shows ears on from left to right of very early Izannah walker dolls to later post-patent dolls.  Izannah's treatment of ears changed a bit over time in both shape and placement. Toward the end, the decision to make a separately attached ear was nixed.  If you're making dolls for a wholesale business, as it has been found that Izannah was, simplifying some features would make for easier production. 

The ear reminds me a bit of this doll which was once in 
Richard Wright's collection.  

This doll is a transitional or post-patent doll. 
Note the joining of the stockinette is at the center of the head. 

The joining of the stockinette on Ida Mae below is at the front of the head, just above the forehead. 
Because of this construction detail, I would place her as a pre-patent doll. 

Be sure to check back for a post about Ida Mae's Wardrobe!  

Friday, January 27, 2023

Izannah Walker Boy Doll Available for Purchase

When I'm notified that a doll has become available for purchase, I post images with permission here on the Izannah Walker Chronicles, and include the contact information of the person who is selling the doll. 

This doll will be featured in the February issue of Antique Doll Collector magazine. I continually refer to past issues which featured Izannah Walker dolls to aid in my Izannah studies. It is rare indeed to see an Izannah Walker boy doll come up, and I am thrilled that this doll will be featured. Antique Doll Collector magazine offers both printed and digital subscriptions of its magazines - so  sign up here!  Also, I don't get anything for plugging this issue, I just love to see the cause of Izannah advanced! 

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As in the past, negotiations for the sale of the doll are between the buyer and the seller solely and neither Dixie Redmond and Izannah Walker Chronicles are involved in any way. Paula Walton, provided this information: 


Monday, November 7, 2022

A Pictorial Directory of Dolls
Featured on the Izannah Walker Chronicles

My mission for this blog in 2008 was to create the site I wished existed - a site for doll makers and collectors who love Izannah Walker dolls to see more examples for study. For many years I researched every day Izannah dolls coming to auction, and wrote auction companies asking for additional pictures. At the time there were very few images of Izannah dolls online, as auction companies didn't put their catalogs online. Sometimes I traveled to document dolls coming up for auction and shared those images here. Sometimes collectors have shared images. There are enough images on this blog to assist any student of Izannah Walker dolls. Please scroll through the back posts. Below the thumbnail images link to the posts on that particular doll. 

Read the article written by Edyth O'Neill and Dixie Redmond
Published in the 2011 Christmas Edition of Early American Life

Putting together the pictorial directory will be an ongoing process.. Some great dolls have been featured on this site over the years. Thank you to the collectors, museums, magazines and auction companies which have shared information and images over the years! 

If you have an antique Izannah Walker doll you are considering selling, please contact me at 








Next Five Dolls are Carol Corson's Izannah Collection:  
(Pictures taken by me, courtesy of Withington's)

Other Articles, Documents and Other Information

Articles shared with permission from magazine senior editors.
Some of these magazines are now out of print. 

Monica Bessette articles: 

Doll News, Spring 1994

More to come...

By Susan Hedrick
Summer 1998, Soft Dolls & Animals magazine

Stay tuned! This is an ongoing project to move links from the sidebar to the pictorial directory post. 

Ida Mae: An Izannah Walker Doll

Back in the fall I visited with a wonderful lady, who shared her antique Izannah Walker doll with me, and allowed me to document her doll.  ...