Friday, August 26, 2022

Eliza, an Izannah Walker Doll from Carol Corson's Collection

UPDATE:  Eliza sold for a hammer price of $24,000 to Bidder 508.

A buyer's premium of 15-18% would be added to that bid. 

Today's pictures are of Eliza, an Izannah Walker doll from Carol Corson's collection, wearing a white dress with a printed floral motif. This doll is featured in an article written by Carol Corson for Antique Doll Collector's August 2011 issue. The article Carol wrote catalogued the Doll Collector's of America's Izannah Walker Doll Reunion to celebrate DCA's 75th reunion.  That issue is worth purchasing to view the wonderful variety of Izannah Walker dolls featured.

Carol's description of Eliza in the article is as follows:  

"15-1/4” Eliza has short hair brushed forward around her oval face. She has low painted shoes with thin black painted laces."

This doll will be auctioned by Withington's on October 20, 2022, along with four other Izannah Walker dolls and many other rare and wonderful treasures. 

Note the wispy curls at the temples. 


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