Monday, October 26, 2009

Izannah Walker Doll at the Carmel Doll Shop

This beautiful Izannah Walker doll is presently available at the Carmel Doll Shop. I emailed asking to post the pictures, and the owners, Michael Canadas and David Robinson, graciously gave permission to post the pictures here on the Izannah Walker Chronicles. Enjoy, and be sure to visit the Carmel Doll Shop for other beautiful wonders.

Those of you who are dollmakers will
want to see the classic Izannah torso shape.

Her dress is a wonder as well!

Who wouldn't want to own such a wonderful doll?


  1. Wow I love this doll! you can really see so much great detail! thanks for sharing these photos! Some people want to win lottery .....but me? I would love to own an original IW DOLL!

  2. Thanks for the detailed photos. It is always helpful to see details if you like to make dresses or dolls.


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