Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Antique Izannah Walker Doll Sells for $2,500

This Izannah Walker Doll sold for a hammer price to a floor bidder of $2,500.00 plus buyer's premium of 15-17%, depending on payment method.   Julia's description reads:
"1860s era cloth doll with molded and painted oil cloth head with separately modeled ears with short curly brown hair, large brown eyes and exposed ears. Arms and legs are painted in the same manner as the head and the legs also have painted black leather boots with red edging at the top. She is well recostumed in an 1860s style cotton print dress with white linen apron. SIZE: 19" (49cm). CONDITION: Head has had some professional re-touch to major areas of face and hair as well as to back of shoulder and around the neck."

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