Friday, June 17, 2022

An Izannah with a Mona Lisa Smile Sold at Withington's

It was fun to see the Izannah Walker doll at Withington's doll auction in person, in addition to a Maggie Bessie doll, a Wellington doll and a bevy of adorable Martha Chase dolls. Here are some additional images of the Izannah Walker doll from Withington's auction. All of the dolls looked better in person than in images. Something about modern cameras accentuates texture which was lesser in person. This doll had a beautiful Mona Lisa type smile. This doll also had some breaks in the arms which were ladder stitched, and some missing cloth in th lower legs and feet so that stuffing was exposed. 

After some spirited bidding it narrowed to two phone bidders slowly advancing to $15,800 hammer price. Add to that a premium of 14-17% depending on method of payment. She does have a wonderful face! 

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  1. thank you for the pictures of the Izannah Walker doll. I was wondering about the sale


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