Thursday, January 10, 2013

Izannah Walker Doll Available on Ebay and Ruby Lane

An Izannah Walker Doll is listed for sale on Ebay and Rubylane.  The asking price for this 24" doll is $22,000.   A visit to this link will provide additional pictures of the doll, as well as a description.  

UPDATE:   This doll sold via Ruby Lane for $18K on the same day it was listed.


  1. Oh my goodness, she's in wonderful condition.

  2. Shes a beauty Dixie, thanks so much for letting us all know about her. She had already sold when I got to see her, but the auction pics are super good for anyone wanting to make one. I still dream of finding one, one day here in england :) xxx

  3. WOW! Bought for $9K and sold for $18K in a couple of very short weeks! Amazing!

  4. Yes, pricing is so dicey in the doll world. And izannahs are never reasonable, but where is reason with things like these dolls? I bought her anyway. Like most doll collectors, I dreamed of owning one, and instead of a trip or jewelry or a facelift or a red car and a 20 year old, i got her. And she is as iconic in person as she is in reality. Someone would have bought her, had I not. There were a lot of inquiries..... I have no regrets,


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