Friday, December 12, 2008

Izannah Walker Doll at Carmel Doll Shop

It is a very fun thing to visit the website of the Carmel Doll Shop. They have all kinds of wonderful dolls, dollhouses, doll clothing - the list goes on! One of my favorite sections is the "early dolls" section. This month when I was checking it out I noticed they have an Izannah Walker doll for sale. I called and spoke with Michael Canadas and asked if I could post the pictures of the Izannah Walker doll they have here on the Izannah Walker Chronicles. I was so glad to hear Michael say, "Sure, that would be fine." Music to my ears!

This doll is a bit different - she has painted eyelashes which I haven't seen before. The hairstyle is feathered in the back and the front has little painted curls which frame the face. Beautiful!

Aren't these pictures wonderful?


  1. Di,
    You always dig up the best stuff! You still have the 3 B's in my book!!!!!!! Thank You, once again for sharing with us!!!!!!

  2. This is so, so sweet! She looks like she is just off to Grandma's with her basket of goodies!

    Oh to be wealthy............dream!


  3. Holy moly. She's amazing! I especially love the cape with the pinked edge. Was pinking still being done with the cutters back in Izannah's day? Just curious.



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