Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Another Beautiful Izannah Picture

Last Friday I received the following e-mail, along with the beautiful Izannah Walker doll picture above. I was doing a happy dance in my office which led to one of the best gifts of this year. To read that story, click here to go to my personal blog.

Hello Dixie,
We enjoyed your site immensely and thank you for providing much interesting information on the life and dolls of Izannah Walker.
We thought your readers may enjoy this photo of an Izannah Walker doll in our collection. This doll is featured in The Treasury of Beautiful Dolls by John Darcy Noble and once resided in the famed collection of Maureen Popp.
As we manufacture cloth (felt) dolls in Bennington, Vermont, we have a great affinity for Izannah and the ingenuity and artistry obviously required to produce her lovely dolls.
With best regards,
R. John Wright

A followup email to R. John Wright brought this information -

The height of the doll is 20 inches and she has applied ears. The kidskin cuffs conceal the fact that the hands and arms are separate. When we carefully removed one of the cuffs, there was a clean split which was sewn with long stitches of linen thread. It didn't look like damage, but rather a construction technique that was then covered up with the decorative cuffs. Not knowing more, we can't be sure.

I am always so thankful when I open my email and see a picture of a doll that is new to me.

This doll is the one in the upper right hand corner of the group photo in John Noble's book When we obtained the doll, the dress had been changed from that shown in the photo but is wonderful nonetheless. She has a lovely, stately presence - even more so than in the photos.

I'd like to send a HUGE thank you to R. John Wright for generously sharing a picture of this doll.

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