Izannah Walker Doll Sold on Ebay

This antique Izannah Walker doll appeared and sold on Ebay by seller o.w. yesterday in a matter of hours through a Buy It Now Listing.  In the interest of reporting on all things Izannah, I'm putting this here for future reference.  I had asked the seller for additional pictures, but before she could send them to me, this girl was sold.  She has a sweet shape to her face, and the side profile is endearing.  Who knows where she has been in her 150+ years of life?  

The description of the doll is: 
19" Antique & early Izannah Walker doll, ca. mid 1800's. This is a desirable American doll with the look of a primitive painting. It has a stockinette pressed head, oil painted hair, applied ears and muslin body with painted limbs. This is the very early doll with the long side curls. This super example of an Izannah Walker doll has had some repairs as most of them have had: A split in the fabric on back of head has been repaired and reinforced. Overpaint has been removed from lower cheeks. I have blacklighted the doll and the head repair doesn't show up but scratches on the cheeks do where paint was removed. 
Here is the link to the auction, where you can see more images.  I have a new habit of taking screen shots of Izannah auctions on Ebay, to remember the date, seller, etc.  

via Ebay  - seller o.w. 

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