Friday, May 22, 2009

Izannah Walker and Maggie Bessie Dolls...

It's funny how connections are made. I belong to the Yahoo group Vintage Cloth Dollmaking. One of the members mentioned a fabulous Maggie Bessie pattern that has been developed by Bradley Justice. So of course I wanted to buy the pattern, because Maggie Bessie dolls are very intriguing and beautiful. When I got the pattern, I sent a Maggie Bessie doll picture to Bradley, mentioning that I write a site dedicated to Izannah Walker. Bradley then sent me some pictures of an original Izannah Walker doll and got permission from the owner of the Izannah doll to post them here. How wonderful! Many thanks to Bradley and to the owner of the original Izannah Walker doll.

Bradley Justice's Maggie Bessie Inspired Pattern
"A North Carolina Doll"

Let's talk a bit about Bradley's Maggie Bessie inspired pattern. He was able to look at original Maggie Bessie dolls and study their construction prior to developing his pattern. The North Carolina Doll (his name for the pattern) makes up into a 14 inch doll. A perfect size for most dollmakers. If you are interested in purchasing the Maggie Bessie pattern, email for more information. The pattern for the doll and traditional Maggie Bessie dress is $15. Bradley has an additional dress pattern and "haube cap" pattern to be purchased separately.

Here are the Izannah Walker Doll pictures Bradley is sharing here with the permission of the owner of the doll -

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