Friday, September 5, 2008

Red Headed Izannah

Thanks again to the wonderful Strong Museum for letting me take pictures and for allowing me to post them here on this blog. I did a pretty good job taking pictures considering they're through glass. Again, I apologize for ghosts, shadows, etc. I have posted what may look like duplicate angles, but sometimes a slight change in angle reveals something about the doll, so I've posted all the ones that came out clearly. Enjoy!

This doll is as close to a red-headed Izannah as I've seen. She compares somewhat to the Little Red Riding Hood Izannah that was shared by Izannah owner Kelly earlier in the year. I believe this particular doll has a shoulderplate that is sewn on top of the body, without the second skin glued on top of the shoulder plate. If you click the link in this paragraph you will see what I mean. These dolls are the patented dolls, and Kelly says these later dolls are actually more rare.

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  1. interesting. Thank you for making these pages. So much history. :)


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