Thursday, March 19, 2009

Where Izannah Is Buried

Monica Bessette left the following comment in regards to the previous entry (I have edited out one phrase). And the find was courtesy of Diane. Thanks, Diane! And thanks Monica for sharing the information you know.

Hi Dixie,

Izannah is buried in Swan Point Cemetery in Providence, RI, a beautifully landscaped cemetery which is not far from her final home in Central Falls, RI.

During the late 1800's there was a movement away from family and church burial grounds to the more elaborate, park-like cemeteries befitting our well-to-do citizens.

She is buried along side her best friend, Emeline Whipple. I'm not sure if Izanah made these arrangements or Emeline, and have always wondered about the implications of two women being buried side by side. Izannah died first, so she may not have had a say in it, but I can't imagine that either!

The cemetery in Somerset is the family plot, and she may have had every intention to be buried there, but she left Somerset during the 1850's and probably changed her mind about that being her final resting place.

Good find!

Monica Bessette
The Search for Izannah Walker

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Palmer St. Cemetary in Somerset

I got the pictures in this post from Diane Goodwin, who had recently been to the Palmer St. Cemetery in Somerset (assuming Massachusetts). She sent the pictures in this post, as well as the following email. Thanks, Diane! She writes:
I came across this monument in the historic Palmer St Cemetery in Somerset today. The names match Izannah and Jane, and I think Jane purchased the plot from the info on the cemetery plans. Their house at 373 Main St was owned by the Hintz family on the 1871 map. Do the dates match your info on the dollmakers?

There are 4 sides to the monument. Inscribed on the sides:

Jerathmel Bowers Swasey
born on the 1st day, 5th mo 1752
died 4th day, 2D mo 1826

Sarah Hellon
his wife
born Feb 23, 1757,
died Dec 25, 1836

Parthenia Palmer
Their Daughter
died Nov 3, 1833
aged 47

Anthony Hintz
died Nov 22, 1839
aged 53

Jane Hellon Swasey
his wife
died Sept 7, 1872
aged 76

Gilbert Walker
died May 30, 1825
aged 63

Sarah Swasey
his wife
died Aug 3, 1824,
aged 43

Anthony Hintz
their son
died 1824
aged 11 days;

Izannah Frankford
their daughter
died Feb 15,1888
aged 70

Jane Hintz Walker
born Sept 9, 1814
died Oct 6 1899


Dixie's note here - I'm not sure where I got this information from, but I believe that Izannah is not buried in this family plot, but in another town with a marker that says Izannah F. Walker. I need to search through all the articles I've collected, but will have to do that another time. If any of YOU know more about this, please comment.

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