Saturday, January 30, 2010

Doll News and Soft Dolls & Animals Magazines Deserve Thanks!

About a week ago I called several magazines to ask if I could post PDFs of their past articles about Izannah Walker here on the Izannah Walker Chronicles. 

Doll News, a publication put out by the United Federation of Doll Clubs, said yes.

Soft Dolls & Animals, published by Scott Publications, said yes and sent me the most pristine PDF to post here. I'll be putting these in the sidebar as well for future reference. Thank you to these publications for sharing! I hope you enjoy the articles and remember the organizations who shared.

This article is posted courtesy of Doll News magazine,
a publication of the United Federation of Doll Clubs.
Doll News, Spring 1994, pp 48-51.
Read The Search for Izannah Walker


This article is posted courtesy of Doll News magazine,
a publication of the United Federation of Doll Clubs.
Doll News, Summer 1998, pp 41-44.
Read Walker Dolls: A Family Affair


The PDF of this article is posted
courtesy of Scott Publication's
Soft Dolls & Animals.
Summer 1998, pp. 20-24.
Read Izannah Walker:
Godmother of Cloth Dollmakers

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Izannah Doll Making Opportunities - A Class for Everyone!

I, Dixie Redmond, write this blog, but actually see it as a public service to those who love Izannah Walker dolls. So I try to write about new happenings on the Izannah front. With that in mind, in addition to my own Izannah Walker Workshop, there are two other hot off the press opportunities for those who want to try making an Izannah style doll. Click the titles of the resources to learn more.

Dixie Redmond - Izannah Walker Doll Workshop Class,
Another session of the Izannah Walker Workshop will be held in the Fall of 2010, so be sure to get your name on the class list now. The cost of the class is $60, which includes the pattern, 82 pages of instruction, many, many pictures of original Izannah dolls, videos, a message board for class communication, and lots of information to help you in the making of your doll. Click here to read comments by Izannah Walker Workshop members.

Paula Walton - Izannah Walker Reproduction Doll Class By Mail

Susie McMahon - Simple Charm: Creating a Doll in the Style of Izannah Walker, Part 1,

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Museums to Visit with Walker Dolls

In the sidebar is a list of museums with Izannah Walker dolls in their collections. Yesterday I received an email from Christie Jackson, The Ruby Winslow Linn Curator at the Old Colony Historical Society. She mentioned she had read the article in Yankee Magazine and wanted to let me know that the Old Colony Historical Society has an Izannah Walker doll in its collection. If any of you are within distance of this museum, please visit. I've added their site to the list.

Old Colony Historical Society
66 Church Green
Taunton, MA 02780
508-822-1622 phone
Open Tues - Sat, 10-4

Also, check the sidebar links for other museums with Walker dolls in their collections.

AND, for those of you who missed the Yankee Magazine article by Catherine Reidel, click here to read it.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Izannah Walker Doll Ears Pictures

In making an Izannah inspired doll recently, it was helpful for me to crop some closeup shots of original Izannah dolls' ears when thinking about this. I may have to go back to Izannah Boot Camp for saying this, the ears are not the best part of these dolls. But maybe Izannah liked making ears about as much as I do. It's a good thing the doll above has a beautiful face and a winning personality to carry off those ears.

Here are some other Izannah doll ear pictures.

The later doll above has quite a different profile.

I like this one below -
it's simple and very folky feeling.
It makes me smile.

So here's one I've made.
It will need some "paste" spread
over the ear once it's applied to the head.

Click here to see the doll I'm working on.

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