Saturday, September 10, 2022

Stockings and Dresses and Capes, Oh My! - Izannah Walker Doll Clothing

Withington's will offer Izannah Walker dolls clothing at their October auction. All the images in this post are courtesy of Withington Auction, Inc. There are some lovely dresses!  Be sure to look at Withington's catalog to confirm which items go with which lots. 

Lot with Red Paint Decorated Box: 

Lot with grain painted chest:  

Lot with Paint Decorated Dome Box

The details in these clothing items are fun to study! 

Friday, September 9, 2022

Izannah Walker Doll "Caroline" from the Carol Corson Collection

This barefooted almost 20" doll from Carol Corson's collection will be offered at auction by Withington's on October 20th. Withington's offers this description of the doll:   


19 ½” Izannah Walker girl “Caroline” cloth doll, Central Falls, RI, 19th century, pressed mold stockinet head, painted features, center parted brown hair with 2 cheek curls each side of face & 6 back of neck curls, red leather shoes (as is), period red & blue print dress (age tears), & green dress, along with 12” doll’s yellow painted  barrel- back chair (Ellis?), (facial touchups, wear, cracking)

Here are additional pictures of the doll, which was featured in a group photo in the August 2011 issue of Antique Doll Collector. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Carol Corson Collection: Izannah Walker Doll in a Green Dress

Of the dolls to be auctioned in October by Withington's, this was a favorite Izannah doll. Her wistful expression and the hairstyle with wispy curls were lovely features. The eyes are painted beautifully as so many Izannah Walker dolls have - that far-off thinking expression. I wonder if Izannah had this look in her eyes often? 

Carol Corson's describes this doll in Antique Doll Collector's August 2011 issue: 

"This 17-1/2” girl with short brushed forward hair and in her original wool challis dress holds her miniature cloth “Izannah” made by Meriel Marlar."

There are also wonderful tiny dolls made by Meriel Marlar included in this auction. 

All images posted here were taken by me, Dixie Redmond, courtesy of Withington Auction, Inc. Withington's has posted some images on Facebook for this auction which can be found here:

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