Thursday, January 10, 2008

Each time I've made an Izannah inspired doll
I try to include some new element of the originals.
The dress above is an inspiration for me in dressmaking.

The bodice is fully lined. See the hand stitching?
Hand worked buttonholes.

There are three rows of soutache braid on the dress.
I think the braid was once black, if the black velvet
sash is any indication of their color before fading.

Look at the pleats on the front bodice!

I lost the pictures of the back of the dress when my computer hard drive died. I'm so glad I had loaded these pictures onto Picturetrail before my crash. You can't see the black glass diminutive buttons that were sewn on. Recently I bought some on Ebay to use when I make a dress inspired by this one above.

But look what I just found on-line at the Wisconsin History Museum- what a dress and what a doll!


  1. Dix,
    This is such a fulfilling place to visit!!!

    Thanks so much for taking the time to create such a wonderful place dedicated to Izzy dolls! I hope that I can contribute a photo of something I have created soon.

    I posted today about this wonderful place on my blog.


  2. Dix,
    Do you know if the aprons on Izzy dolls are fastened with button at the top, to hold them to the dress?
    This is such a lovely Blog!!!!


  3. Dixie - she is beautiful . Thank you for being such an inspiration ! I look at this blog every day.
    Tink I think the aprons were fastened with a pin


  4. Lone is right - the tops of the aprons were pinned in place. I learned that from Edyth O'Neill :-)


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