Sunday, February 24, 2008

Izannah's Boots

A note about pictures in the albums at the right...

When I took pictures of the Izannahs in the albums at right I was thinking like a dollmaker documenting how they were made and not taking beauty shots. That's why you see pictures at odd angles like straight-on from the side of the head or a shot of the bottom of a foot. This gives those who study Izannah dolls some profile to use when making an Izannah inspired doll. There's nothing more beautiful to an artist than seeing how an old master does things.

~ Dixie

Skinner Izannah boots -
the Izannah in the floral dress at right.

Boots below are from the Blue Izannah

It's interesting to see what could be straw,
grass or excelsior in the boot below.

These legs on the Red Izannah have seen repair -
I think it was surgical tape.
I love that the name "Perry" is written on the surgical tape

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