Saturday, March 8, 2008

Izannah Walker Picture Scavenger Hunt!

The First Ever
Izannah Walker Picture
Scavenger Hunt!

Somewhere out on the web there is a picture of an Izannah Walker doll. This picture shows some tearing on the fabric covering the torso, and what I loved about it is that it gave some real clues as to construction. I have searched high and low and I cannot find the picture. I thought I saved the link, but I guess not. Sooooooooo.....are you up for a scavenger hunt? I need help. Want to help search for the picture I'm looking for and send me the link to it? What's in it for you, y'say?

The first person to send me the link of the picture that I'm looking for will get a brand spanking new, still in shrink-wrap copy of the book German Papier Mache Dolls: 1750 -1850. See pictures below.

Now, speaking of pictures - some of you out there who own one or two or 16 Izannah Walker dolls must be feeling the collective angst of dollmakers who would love to see new pictures of Izannah Walker dolls. Let the compassion of your heart cause you to take up your camera and e-mail me with attached pictures. (Smile). I will credit you or not, as you would like. You will get a hearty thank you from those who love Izannah Walker dolls.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
start your search engines!

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