Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Thank You, Jim from South County Museum!

Jim Crothers, the director of the South County Museum in Narragansett, Rhode Island, graciously took some pictures of the Izannah Walker doll owned by the museum to be posted here. Thank you, Jim! The South County Museum is an open campus style museum with over 20,000 artifacts honoring Rhode Island's rural, village, and maritime legacy. If you live within driving distance, please check it out. And all you Izannah Walker Doll lovers - a donation to the museum would be nice, too!


  1. I could look into those dreamy eyes all day long! And those red shoes are great but I sure wish I could see her little feet, oh well!
    You're the best Dixie, Thanks again for all time energy and obviously , love you put into this blog!!!

  2. Yes, I wish we could see the feet, too! I was excited to see she's a barefoot. I adore the red shoes.


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