Izannahs owned by Little Compton Historical Society

The Little Compton Historical Society will be doing an exhibit on toys in the summer of 2009 and should have most of their dolls on display for that exhibit. That will include the two Izannah Walker dolls owned by the society. Marjory O'Toole, the managing director of the society graciously sent me some PDFs of their dolls. Nancy Gibbs, an Izannah lover and Jericho Mountain folk artist, graciously converted the PDFs of the dolls so that I could post them here. Be sure to check out both their websites, by clicking on their names. There may be a possibility of getting clearer pictures in the future, when the dolls are on display, but for now I am very thankful for this information.

The Case of the Missing Apron and Dress

If you look at the apron and dress above you will see it was with the Izannah that recently was sold by Theriault's when that doll was in a Skinner Auction a few years ago. That doll is the first Izannah doll I was able to take pictures of. I wonder what happened to the gingham dress and apron before it was auctioned by Theriault's?

On another note - I received some wonderful information from Little Compton Historical Society about the Izannahs in their collection. The information is in PDF format, and I don't know how to convert to JPG other than printing and scanning the hard copy. If any of you are more computer literate and know how to convert a PDF docoument to a JPG, then please let me know. Then I'll be able to post the information about the Little Compton Izannahs. :-)


Please email me if you have information, pictures, sources, etc. about original Izannah Walker dolls. The goal of this site is to be a free clearinghouse of information for Izannah doll lovers. Copyright of pictures published on this site are retained by the collector, museum, or artist etc, who took the picture.

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