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A Beautiful Daguerrotype of a Girl with an Early Izannah Walker Doll

I received an email from Carl Mautz, who shared  this beautiful daguerrotype of a girl with an Izannah Walker doll. With Carl's permission I am sharing it here. Carl Mautz is the compiler of Biographies of Western Photographers, and has a long experience collecting early photography, specializing in photography of the west. Carl sometimes sells daguerrotypes on his website at |

Sometimes items featured on this blog may be for sale. Transactions are always between buyer and seller, and neither Dixie Redmond or the Izannah Walker Chronicles are involved in the transaction in any way. 

Now, onto the image, which has this gorgeous Izannah Walker doll in it! 

Daguerrotype owned by Carl Mautz

There's a mystery to solve! 

Carl Mautz's daguerrotype is extremely similar to the daguerrotype featured in the article Edyth O'Neill and I wrote in 2011 for the Christmas edition of Early American Life. Could the above image be Clara Eddy  at a different age?  Could she be Clara Eddy's sister?  They wear the same necklace and hold the same hat and doll. It appears the hat might be for the doll? Or are the girls entirely unrelated and are the items photographer's props of the time? 

For comparison's sake I will repost the first page of the article Edyth and I wrote. 

It is wonderful to see images of early Izannah Walker dolls! Please share any insights you may have in the comments section. 

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