Thursday, April 16, 2009

Two Izannah Walker Dolls to Be Auctioned

"Let the Little Lambs Play"

On April 26th not one but two Izannah Walker dolls will be auctioned in Theriault's "Let the Little Lambs Play" April 26th auction in Short Hills, New Jersey. A huge thank you to Theriault's for allowing me to post the pictures here. Click the pictures to be taken to the auction descriptions.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pre-patent Izannah Auctioned on Ebay?

An Ebay auction entitled Antique Pre Patent Izannah Walker Doll - Wonderful ended yesterday. The doll in question has a wooden head, and a body that might or might not be Izannah-like...hard to tell as there were no pictures of the body. It would have been great to see how the doll's body was connected to the head, that might have been an important clue.

The doll was listed as a pre-patent Izannah Walker doll because it had a tag that said,
"21 inch pre-patent doll probably around 1850's. Obtained from the original owner's family. Face does have some paint loss but still retains her lovely charm. Her arms and legs were replaced sometime around the turn of the century by a loving family member. $5,500."
The doll is interesting in its own right but it is unlike any Izannah Walker doll I've seen in person or in pictures. Perhaps it could be like this doll below from the Strong Museum if it lost it's fabric face...what do you think? Have you ever seen a wooden pre-patent Izannah?

A New Record Set for Izannah Walker Dolls

The 18" brown-complexioned doll in Day One of Theriault's Rosalie auction netted $80,000 (plus buyer's premium). This is a new...