Monday, October 12, 2009

Image Copyrights on the Izannah Walker Chronicles

The purpose of this site is to be a kind of public service for those who enjoy and love to study Izannah Walker dolls. A conversation I had with someone brought up an interesting point about the images on this site. Previously the copyright notice stated that images and writings were copyrighted by me. I hadn't thought through the implication of that, just thought it was a way to publicly say, "Hey, don't take the images here and publish them somewhere else!" But someone pointed out it was like saying that if they give images to the site that I own them, which wasn't my intention.
The new copyright notice is:

"All photos/pictures presented on this site are copyrighted by those offering the images for posting and are not to be taken. All writings are copyright Dixie Redmond unless specified otherwise."
Copyright of photos taken by others who offer them here for posting is retained by those individuals, business or institutions.

For the pictures that I personally have taken, I give permission for individuals to print images for personal study in making Izannah inspired dolls. These images are found in the sidebar under the heading "Pictures of Original Izannah Walker Dolls taken by Dixie Redmond." I do not give permission for pictures taken by me to be printed in any other form, electronically or in print. If you want to use an image, please ask. I usually like to share.

It's my hope that this clarifies what happens when collectors and others offer pictures to be posted here that they have taken of original Izannah Walker dolls.

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