Sunday, December 13, 2009

Where Are Pictures of Izannah Walker Herself?

The picture above is not Izannah related in any way - it is an image of an unidentified boy from my family's collection of old on to find out why I've posted it here when it has nothing to do with Izannah Walker.

Yesterday I had a dream that I found a picture of Izannah Walker in her work room. This would be quite something because as far as I know there are NO pictures of Izannah herself that have been revealed. But then I got to thinking. There are quite a few family pictures in our family that we're not sure who they are. They're in boxes at my dad's house. He has done a great job scanning them all and sending them out to various branches of our family. Sometimes we know they came from the Sangerville branch of the family, but we don't know who they are. Sometimes, though, penciled on the back, is a name, or a set of initials, and some clues as to location or occupation.

This picture also has nothing to do with Izannah Walker. But I bet you're starting to get my point???

1911 Road Crew - Alton, Maine?
Another non-Izannah picture...

So if any of you have pictures that show a woman in a doll making workshop and the the writing might say I. W. or I. Walker, or Izannah with dolls, or Izannah dolls. or I. dolls you just might have a treasure. Go to your attic or basement. Open the brown battered box. When you find picture with the woman with dolls please send me a copy of the picture to post here. OR sell the picture on Ebay and I will plug your auction. Either way works for those who love Izannah Walker dolls. Big Grin.

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