Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Withington's to Auction Three Izannahs

Withington Auction, Inc. will be offering three Izannah Walker dolls at auction in October. These sneak preview pictures were shared to be posted on the Izannah Walker Chronicles, with additional pictures to come.

Is that a bit of blue I see in a body covering above?

The doll above is very similar in expression to
a doll that was in Maurine Popp's collection,
shown below.

Large 27.5 inch Izannah Doll,
formerly in Maurine Popp's collection,
auctioned in 2003 by Skinner's.

The doll below is being donated to a museum...

Lots to think about, and some mysteries, too!


  1. Oh i love the hair style in the last one, and the large doll has blue eyes, and what appears to be hair? Amazing pics!!!!!! I'd love to hold the last doll, so beautiful!!
    Thank you Dixie,

  2. How exciting is that!!!
    Love that first little gal!
    Can't wait for more pics!
    Thank you once again Dixie!!!!


  3. Oh Dixie i would die for this Doll!!! I Love her.


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