Sunday, May 1, 2011

Gail Wilson's Molded Izannah Workshop

Image copyright Gail Wilson

Gail Wilson has studied original Izannah Walker dolls and is making a metal mold of her sculpt based on these studies.  She will be offering an in person workshop on making dolls with this mold, and has this to say about the workshop:

"This doll is the result of much study and will never be offered in kit form. This is a unique, one-time opportunity to make a doll in the same way Izannah did herself from new metal molds which I will be using only for finished dolls. This retreat will be a bit longer than usual beginning late in the day on Friday and running to lunch on Monday (holiday). Total cost for all materials, shared room and board will be $775."

Click here to learn about Gail's Izannah Workshop
scroll down to the Retreats section for more information.

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