Monday, October 17, 2011

Doll Head Listed on Ebay

This Ebay auction is an interesting one to watch.  The head being sold is described has the words Izannah Walker and a question mark at the end.  I don't think it's an Izannah Walker doll, although it is an interesting doll head in its construction.

So let's talk about why it might be considered an Izannah Walker doll.  What this head does have in common with an Izannah doll is a stockinette covering and a folk art like appearance.  The seller says it is molded.  And some curls at the back of the neck.

What's different?  I've never seen or heard of a 3" head size in an Izannah doll.  I haven't seen or heard of an Izannah Walker doll that has molded curls at the back of the neck.  This seems more like a papier mache feature.  Could someone have covered a papier mache head with stockinet?  This doll has a very different kind of stockinet covering than original Izannah Walker dolls I've seen.   See how the original Izannah below has stockinette that is a different kind of weave?  

Izannah was an experimenter.  This doll at top might have been made by someone who had admired an Izannah Walker doll.

What do you think?


  1. I don't think it is an Izannah because the shape of the head is too narrow in the chin area and the forehead is not high and rounded. The mouth has the look of a 30's doll and the shape of the upper lip is too large and sweetheart looking. The eyes seem too far apart and startled looking instead of the slight downward glance of an Izzy. Also the eyes are painted with a full circle highlight and Izzy's usually have half moon highlights. The ears on this head are not coiled like Izzy's. I would not identify it as an Izannah head.

  2. I agree with you--it's unlikely to be an Izannah head. Even if she had made a doll in that size, the style is decidedly different. It has a stitched chin crease, what looks to be a needlesculpted nose (rather than truly molded), and rather wide-open eyes and larger smile. Did Izannah ever make a 3-part head like this? I don't recall seeing one. She did make truly weird ears--these are weird also but in a different way! ;-)

  3. I agree with all you say. There is hardly any paint left on the back of the doll head that's on ebay. I don't think the process was the same as Izannah's or her family. An interesting experiment
    by someone who saw an Izannah doll.

  4. I think you are right, Dixie. I think someone tried to make a 'copy' of an Izannah Walker head. Maybe a Martha Chase?

  5. Oh, and the seam going across the top of the head width-wise is different too.


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