Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Izannah Walker Doll to Sell
at November James Julia Auction

On November 30th, James D. Julia, Inc.  will bring the Izannah Walker doll shown above up for auction.  To read more, visit the James Julia site

To see the other dolls at auction, click here.


  1. Nice doll! Looks like she might have been re-touched somewhat.....What do you think, Dixie?

  2. Susie - Yes, I think she's been helped a bit.

  3. Hello Dixie,
    This looks like a similar Izannah to the one on your original dolls for sale page for Lucy's Dolls House. Could it be the same doll I wonder?Kind Regards Gill

  4. What a beauty~ I wonder what she will go for?
    I guess it might devalue her to have been touched up? It will be interesting to see what her auction price ends up being.
    Thank you for posting such a sweetie!
    Teresa in CA


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