Thursday, October 10, 2013

"Possibly Made By Izannah Walker" To Be Sold
And a Definite Izannah Walker Doll Sold Yesterday

Yesterday I recived an auction alert from Skinner's for a doll which was listed as "possibly Izannah Walker".   The doll is pictured above.  Whether she is an Izannah Walker doll remains to be seen, but she is a very interesting folk art doll! 

UPDATE:   Here is the hammer price of the doll shown above at $4,800. 

My auction alert for this Izannah Walker doll which sold yesterday for the hammer price of $2,600 must have gone astray.  I love seeing Izannah dolls in this worn condition, as there are many clues about construction.  

While reading about a folk art cloth doll possibly made by Izannah Walker I happened upon this auction which happened yesterday.   The auction alert for this doll went astray in my inbox.  I love seeing dolls that have wear!   What clues they can give us about construction!  How loved they are!

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