Monday, January 9, 2017

Izannah Walker's Central Falls, Rhode Island Was a Happening Place!

The internet keeps adding resources.  In 2006I often would read  through all the pages that had Izannah Walker listed.  At that time there very few images and very little in the way of information. Genealogical research has provided a lot of resources for studying past decades.  It's my hope that someday there will be a photo of Izannah Frankford Walker uploaded by someone who bought a box lot of pictures at an auction.  It will happen, it's a matter of time.  There is an image of her brother, David Walker, online.

In the Maida Dolls Group we were discussing what it was like for Izannah to live as a woman in Rhode Island in the 19th century.  In the sidebar of this blog are links to articles by Monica Bessette, who has researched Izannah's life and her town intently.  Take the time to read those articles.  Here also is an article focused on what life was like for women in Rhode Island in the Industrial Revolution.

In trying to do a little more research recently, I happened on this information on rootsweb. Thank you historians and genealogists!  You can get a sense of the richness of Izannah's community by reading the descriptions of the area at the link below.

Pawtucket was a sister city to Central Falls.  Here is an illustrated history of the towns, published in 1897.

A map of Central Falls from 1877 can be found here:

And another map which can be zoomed in on:

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