Thursday, April 21, 2022

Hopestill Izannah Walker Reproduction Dolls Will Be Available Soon

In the past when people have made dolls taken from molds of Izannah Walker dolls I've written abou tit here. It's only right that I do that for my own work. I (Dixie Redmond) have been working on pressed cloth dolls taken from a mold of my antique Izannah Walker doll named Hope. These dolls will make up the Hopestill clan. 

I will be offering Hopestill dolls for purchase after they are completed, so if you are interested, follow along at my art blog Northdixie Designs 

If you want to be in the know about when Hopestill dolls are ready to find new homes, please follow this page. Even better, when you click on the follow button, you can have a choice to include this page in your "see first" options, that way you will not miss an update. 

I will be posting to my email list, on my Facebook business page, and here on my blog, when one of my Hopestill doll clan is ready. 

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