Monday, February 13, 2023

Ida Mae's Wardrobe - the Clothing She Wears

 I shared Ida Mae the doll in a separate post, which you can fine

In this post I will share the clothing she is wearing. For ease of post loading, I will be dividing other outfits in their own posts, as Ida Mae has several dresses and ensembles which are beautiful to see in detail.  

Ida Mae wears layers of clothing.  I've seen another doll with similar multiple layers of clothing at Lucy's Doll House, when it was open. Sadly a computer failure ate those pictures before I started this blog! When I document a doll, I try to take a picture showing each piece of clothing. She wears a calico jacket, trimmed with braid, over a very lightweight gauzy embroidered dress, over an underdress, over a petticoat, over a seersucker pantaloon/chemise onesie.  That's quite a few layers! 

A detail of the calico jacket, showing how 
common braided tape can be used to embellish a simple garment. 

Note the eye light lace on the dress beneath. 

The gauzy dress (batiste?) is embroidered with fleur de lis at the waist, neckline, arms and skirt: 

The underdress/slip which has details of heirloom sewing
at the waist and the ruffled hem and the armholes: 

Detail of the underdress ruffle: 

The petticoat, made of seersucker, appears to be 
a companion to the one-piece pantaloon/chemise garment underneath: 

And finally, the seersucker one-piece undergarment. 

These layers appear to have been on Ida Mae for a very long time. 

Stay tuned for posts on the other ensembles in Ida Mae's wardrobe.  

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