The Three Izannahs - Shoulder Plates

It's interesting in looking at the three Izannah dolls I've seen how the cloth body and shoulder plate area meet. I will refer to the dolls by their dress color - Pink Flowered Izannah, the Red Izannah and the Blue Izannah. To see more pictures of each doll, click on the thumbnails of them in the sidebar.

All three Izannah dolls had an under body and a second skin over the body. The body was fairly hard (cotton? horsehair?). It appeared that the head and shoulders was molded over the first body. But the shoulder attachment of the body to the shoulder plate was slightly different on each doll.

The Pink Flowered Izannah

In the Pink Flowered Izannah, the second skin was glued on top of the shoulder plate. There may have been stitching underneath, but of course I couldn't see that.

The Red Izannah

This doll had seen some repainting and repair work, so it's hard to tell if the way the shoulder plate is attached is original to the doll. I think it is. You can see stitches where the second skin is attached at the shoulder plate line.

The Blue Izannah

This was a fun doll to see because her face was different in shape than the first two. Also she seemed a bit more primitive overall. Her hands were less refined than the previous two dolls. You can't see it very well in the photographs, but you can almost seem stitching lines at the top of the head.

Another second skin glued on at the shoulder plate.

Look below at this picture - you can see a different colored body underneath to the left of the center stitching lines. I couldn't tell if this is a third repaired body covering or if the lighter cloth there is the original body covering.

Well, that's it. I'm hoping to intermingle observations about original Izannah dolls with what's going on in the Izannah Inspired World, so keep checking in.

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