Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Izannah Walker Doll on Ebay?

The seller said:

"This doll is FANTASTIC!!! I am starting this auction by saying...I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA of the age of this doll but I believe her to be pre 1930. Please bid according to what you know as I am selling her as a REPRODUCTION to be safe..... but I am honestly not sure and she could be ANTIQUE...so please email me if you need me to check something to be sure.......I have never personally owned or seen a real antique one.... She has an INCREDIBLE LOOK and to me she LOOKS ANTIQUE!!!"

It's interesting looking - the maker has done a nice job of reproducing the body shape. I wonder when people first became interested in reproducing Izannah Walker dolls? In 1930 Izannah Walker dolls would have been like the Ginny dolls are to some of us. It is feasible that someone made a repro doll earlier in the 1900's to bring back the memory of a beloved childhood doll.

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