A Mystery Indeed...

Reproduction doll or an original Izannah Walker doll that has (ahem) been "helped and helped and helped"?

The seller of the Izannah doll above ended the auction with this note:
"I am ending this listing early due to MANY INQUIRIES on this doll as to what is UNDER HER SHOULDER PLATE fabric. There is a possibility this is an ORIGINAL IZANNAH WALKER DOLL that has had repair with the pink fabric that you see put OVER an existing shoulder plate and blended into the neck and then repainted...This could explain the thickness at her neck. In order to truly check this, I have to end the auction and relist it, with the new buyer only having to RESTITCH the pink material back onto the body. There will be nothing else done to her from the original listing...I will POST all PHOTOS with new ones of what I find."

I love a mystery! We've all read about those paintings that were put under a special devise only to discover a long-lost Rembrandt or Titian. Again, mostly likely this is a reproduction doll, but what if it were an Izannah doll underneath? Maybe one with a crackled face? But I also have an active imagination which may mean that underneath that pink cloth is more pink cloth that's been painted.

Underneath view of the pink cloth of the shoulderplate

Click here to see the relisted doll at auction

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