Friday, August 7, 2009

An Izannah at the UFDC Convention

A few weeks ago Bradley Justice sent some pictures he took of Izannah Walker dolls at the UFDC convention. Thanks so much, Bradley! Here they are...


  1. She has lovely long eyelashes. Thanks for posting for us to see!

  2. HI Dixie!
    Just checking in to see what you are up to~ LOVE the hands you have been working on~ anyways, I dont see any of the Izannahs in the upcomming October Wright auction pictured on here yet~ I wouldnt think Skinner would have problem with you posting the pictures if you asked! Have a great weekend!
    xoxoxo rachael

  3. Hi, Rachael - I've asked....left a message, sent an email. But life is busy for them, I'm sure. :-) I'll try again next week. I only want to post pictures here that I have specific permission for. ~ Dixie

  4. Oh, also! I'm planning to GO to that auction. Won't that be fun?


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