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Antique Doll Collector - Izannah Articles

Picture courtesy Antique Doll Collector
Antique Doll Collector, Volume 1, No. 1
Nov/Dec 1997

Recently I purchased the back issues of Antique Doll Collector Vol. 1 on CD. I was thrilled to see a beautiful Izannah on the cover of the first issue. This doll was once owned by Lorna Lieberman and is the famed "Miss Mary" mint condition Izannah Walker doll Lorna arranged to go to the Toy and Miniature Museum of Kansas City. The story is well worth reading - and you can see that my own copy that I scanned below is dearly loved and acquiring "patina". The pictures in the article are outstanding - showing in detail the wonderful wardrobe which had been created for Miss Mary over the years.

Pictures courtesy Antique Doll Collector
March 2006, Volume 9, Number 2

Also in this the CD version of antique doll collector is this lovely doll below, which so hauntingly reminds me what Izannah's dolls might have looked like before "paste and paint" were added. I wonder if this doll was inspired by Izannah's works? The slope of the shoulders is similar...and the mouth looks very similar to R. John Wright's Izannah.

Picture courtesy Antique Doll Collector
Antique Doll Collector, Volume 1, No. 1
Nov/Dec 1997

courtesy of Withington Auction, Inc.

Don't the lips of the doll above look similar to this doll named "Ella" above? Or perhaps this closeup below of a doll from a picture in John Darcy Noble's book on p. 101 of Rare & Lovely Dolls of Two Centuries.

Do you see how looking through back issues of magazines with Izannah Walker pictures can get the mind thinking? If you're interested in ordering the back issues of Antique Doll Collector, click the link below.

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  1. Dixie,
    Thank you again for all the wonderful resources you have made available for us "Izannah" lovers. I'm going to order some back issues myself! :) Penni


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