Friday, August 13, 2010

Izannah's Year? Keep Your Eyes Open!

I started this site on January 1, 2008 as a way of sharing pictures I was able to take of original Izannah Walker dolls. Over the past 2 years many large pixel pictures have been shared on this site, and I have worked hard to put together a clearing house to all the information on original Izannah Walker dolls that's out there. 2010 has been a stellar year in terms of artisans' focus on Izannah Walker. Some highlights are....
  • Three artists have designed and released Izannah Walker patterns.
  • Two artists have made molds of their original Izannah Walker dolls, using them to make reproduction dolls.
  • Another artist I know has a major Izannah project underway, studying the original dolls closely. It will be interesting to see that come to fruition.
  • A live Izannah Walker Workshop based on my pattern is going to be held at The American Museum in Bath, England.
  • 179 people took my Izannah Walker Workshop (see link in sidebar).
  • An original Izannah Walker Doll will be auctioned tomorrow.
I wonder what Izannah would think of all this? I wonder what else might happen in 2010 in the Izannah World? My son teases me when I say, "Big things are happening in the Izannah World." His reply, "Oh, so there's an Izannah WORLD now, mom?"

Keep reading the Izzy Chronicles, because I will write about it all here. :-)

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