Sunday, October 24, 2010

Withington Auction Izannah Pictures

This was the last time that all three of these dolls will share a home, although the doll with the blue body covering and the large doll below will stay together.  

 The fingers of the large 26" doll were very long indeed!
The hammer price on this doll was $7,000, 
to which a 13% buyer's premium is added.

I loved the blue body covering 
on the doll that I had named "Experience."  
She ended at $4,500 + 13%.

 And this girl below was sweet as pie.
Someone mentioned that she had a less common face.
Even though she had a fragile split in one arm 
and one leg the hammer price was $6,500  - add 13%.

While at the auction I  met a few people I had only emailed before, and it was fun to put faces to names.  One of them was a member of a group I lead - that was great fun.  Another person I met reads this blog, and called me "the Izannah lady".  She was surprised to hear I don't own an Izannah, but thought I had a closet full of them.  Wouldn't that be fun?

There was a section of the hotel where dealers had set up in hotel rooms to sell antique dolls.  One of the dealers  had the sweetest boy Izannah doll (not for sale).  It was amazing, and worth the drive down to the auction just to see that doll!

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