Saturday, February 19, 2011

Izannah Walker Doll at the New Bedford Whaling Museum

I had never seen this image before, so thought I would post direct image to the link of the doll as shown in online collections of the New Bedford Whaling Museum.


  1. Looks like it is in good condition, Dixie. Did you notice that they commented that the head, hands and feet are made from leather?
    I assume that is just a mistake on their part, because to an untrained eye, I suppose they do look a bit like leather. Maybe you should tell them!

  2. Dixie, it's so neat that you posted this picture. We are traveling this week for school vacation and I was planning on taking the kids to the New Bedford Whaling Museum on our way to the Cape. What a coincidence!

  3. I have more pictures of this doll, and a video. They let me undress her! she has red boots that looked like they were made in 5 pieces. i have to fill out their permission form to share- i'll do it, i promise! jennfer

  4. I am so glad you were able to get pictures. Between museums, collectors and other Izannah-philes we have gathered together a pretty good representation of Izannah's works on the Chronicles. :-)


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