Monday, February 28, 2011

Withington's to Auction Izannah Dolls

Two Izannah Walker dolls will be presented at auction on June 16 & 17 by Withington's.   To receive more information about these dolls, contact Withington Auction, Inc.

I always enjoy seeing an Izannah Walker doll that I have not seen before.  The girl doll above reminds me of a doll called "Izannah" that was in Maureen Popp's collection.

The boy doll is very interesting, having bare feet and a boys suit on.  I have been trying to date the clothing.  If you have an idea of when that type of suit would have been worn by a boy, please share.   I found an image at the New York Public Library Digital Gallery, shown below, from 1870, which has some similarities:  

And another from 1860:  

If you are interested in these images, 


  1. The little boy is INCREDIBLE! I love his outfit. I think you must be right about the age, Dixie. This little guy just has such a beautiful face.

  2. Isn't he great! :-) I've seen another boy in person, and he was wonderful, too.

  3. Les doy las gracia por darnos la oportunidad de compartir sus conocimiento e investigaciones sobre esta clase de muñeca

  4. Alicia - you are welcome! Thanks for commenting.

    Alicia - que son bienvenidos! Gracias por comentar.


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