Saturday, March 10, 2012

JD Conwell Dolls Shares Pictures
of a Beautiful Izannah Walker Doll

Click the picture
to see more!
Jan Conwell, the artist behind JD Conwell Dolls, has joined the ranks of those inspired by Izannah Walker and is studying Izannah's work intently. Jan recently got to visit this original antique Izannah Walker doll. I used a small image because I want you to visit Jan's blog to see the images in full. 

Thank you to Jan and the collector who shared this beautiful doll.


  1. Thanks Dixie! She's a peach, isn't she?

  2. Hi, Dixie
    What a stunning doll Jan was able to view. I went to Jan's blog and saw all of the photos. Thank you for sharing!
    Teresa S. in CA


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