Sunday, March 18, 2012

Did Izannah Use House Paint for Her Dolls?

I've been using Sherwin Williams' Chip-it application to study colors in all kinds of images, and recently thought to use the application to study Izannah's flesh tones.   Of course, this is a study of pictures and not the actual dolls, so what you're getting is how the flesh tone reads in the photograph.  But it's still interesting to see, and might give some ideas for mixing colors.  

Do you think Izannah use house paints as a base for her dolls, as many early doll makers did?  Visit my Izannah Pinterest board for more combinations.... 


  1. When I think of house paint, my modern mind (relatively speaking) thinks Acrylic Latex instead of the heavy duty oil based paints of back it's hard to say. How fascinating to try oil based house paint on a molded cloth doll (not clay over cloth) to see how the final "feel" compares to a real IW doll.

    Interesting colors!

  2. I think they had to either import, or make their paint, so it is logical that she may have, in fact, used house paint. It probably was oil based to. She may have made stains from walnuts or other natural things. It would be fun to try! :)


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