Thursday, April 26, 2012

Izannah Walker Dolls Auction Hammer Prices

In reporting on what Izannah dolls are ending at via auction, I have reported hammer prices, which do not reflect the final amount paid for the dolls.  In each situation, the auctioneer adds a premium, and in most states there is sales tax added as well.  The range of premiums added by auctioneers varies quite a bit - from as little as 10% to 18% (some higher).  If the auction is in a state which charges sales tax, of course that adds to the cost of the doll as well.  Also, another variation is that some auction companies vary the premium depending on if you pay by cash or if you pay with a credit card.  Having said that, I report the "hammer prices" which do not reflect premiums and taxes.  Of course, when people are bidding, they are adding that percentage on while they bid.  I may reconsider how I do this in future.  Until then, I try to clearly state what the number reported reflects.  Best to you, Dixie

The hammer price for this 
Izannah Walker doll was $4,800.00
plus 15% buyer's fee and taxes.

This Izannah "Type" doll
below ended at  $5,100.00
plus 15% buyer's fee and taxes.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


  1. Beautiful, both of them. Was the Izannah repainted?

    1. I think so. But I didn't see the doll in person.


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