Saturday, April 21, 2012

Studying Izannah Walker Dolls

The purpose of this site is to document and share original Izannah Walker Dolls.  It began as a way to share photographs I was able to take at Lucy's Doll House.  Since that time, I have traveled to other places to photograph dolls and share them.  But auction photos are a very good source of information.  

A savvy Izannah student can learn quite a bit from really studying pictures of original Izannah Walker dolls.  Skinner's has some very good images of this Izannah Walker Doll at their site.   I posted about this doll previously before the auction.  Also, search past posts to find other auction images.    

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  1. That coat is amazing...fringe!!! I love fringe. Seems so absolutely useless and frivolous and fun. But combined with dark green and plaid? Even more fun. Thank you so much for all the photos and links you share with us, Dixie. You've made so much possible for me as a student, of IW dolls particularly and historic dolls in general. Your time is valuable, and yet you share it, and your efforts, so generously.


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