Monday, June 17, 2013

Something to Bragg About
by Monica Bessette

Because the content in this post will be in Monica's upcoming book, I've removed this post.  I'm looking forward to reading her book! 


  1. This is so interesting. New information on Izannah's life is really exciting to find out about. Thank you so much for sharing Monica, Elaine and Dixie! It's appreciated.

    Valerie A. Hanchett

  2. Thank you, Valerie, for your comments and appreciation. Thank you, Elaine for contacting me in the first place with this exciting new provenance. Thank you, Dixie, for giving us a forum to share our passions.


  3. So exciting to find this information, and I'm so glad you are back on the trail. I went to Centrall Falls several years ago, and the owner allowed me to see the Illinois Street house. The most beautiful staircase - i wasn't able to take pictures. She had a copy of your article , which she was very excited about.

    But Emeline didn't stay there- I've tracked her later residences through the directories and census records. Any insight there- or am I jumping ahead ?


    1. Hi Jennifer.

      Thanks for your comments and interest in the article. When I visited the current owner of Izannah's Illinois Street home before moving to Gettysburg, she mentioned that a lady from Virginia had come to see where Izannah lived, and that she was able to show you the house. Wasn't it exciting? It's a lovely home, and was part of a large corner lot purchased by Izannah in 1871 and later divided up into parcels by Izannah and sold to friends and family.

      The house that you visited, at the corner of Illinois and Rand Streets, was owned by Izannah until her death in 1888, and according to the yearly Pawtucket/Central Falls City Directories, which list each person living in the city/village by last name with their address, Emeline was living with Izannah on Illinois Street from 1871 to 1888.

      In her will, Izannah bequeathed the house to Emeline, and Emeline continued to live there until 1892, when she filed a quit claim and sold the house and property for $1.00 to Izannah's nephew, David Henry Walker, and moved back to Providence, RI.

      Izannah's 1876 will: I give and devise to my friend Emeline B. Whipple my homestead estate situate on Illinois Street in the village of Central Falls in said town of Lincoln for and during her natural life; after the death of Emeline B. Whipple then I give and devise the residue of said Homestead Estate to the National Publishing Association for the Promotion of Holiness now located at No. 921 Arch Street in the City of Philadelphia in the State of Pennsylvania to remain to them their successors and assigns forever.

      On Jan. 28, 1887, two years after the death of her older half-brother, Capt. David Walker, Izannah filed a CODOCIL to her will as follows:

      I hereby revoke said gift of my homestead estate on Illinois and direct that the same homestead estate be given after the death of my friend Emeline B. Whipple to my Nephew David Henry Walker son of my deceased brother Captain David Walker now resident of San Francisco, California. I make this gift in memory of my love for him and the kindness he has shown me to him and his heirs forever.

      Take care,
      Monica Bessette

  4. Thank you ! Next puzzle , the 1872 directory listing Mary Whipple, dollmaker (!) on the corner of Rand and Illinois.

    Seeing the house was exciting! Jennifer

  5. Can you send me a copy of the record to


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