Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Izannah Walker Sells on Ebay

Skinner auctioned three dolls in a group in May.  One of the dolls was an Izannah Walker doll. Click here to see images of that doll.  The lot is listed as having sold for $5535 (unsure if this is the hammer price or includes buyer's premium). You can see the hallmarks of an Izannah doll in the shape of the body and its construction.  These old dolls of 150 + years are always a puzzle, as to what and if they have been helped at one time or another.  They are fun to study for sure.  This Izannah Walker doll made its way to Ebay, selling for $9,999.99.  I've placed images of the doll on my Pinterest Board of Izannah Walker Dolls.  

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