James Julia to Auction 27" Izannah Walker Doll

image courtesy James D. Julia, Inc.

James Julia will be offering a
large 27" Izannah Walker doll 
at their November 22, 2013 auction.

On Monday I will be going to visit this doll in person.


An interesting story accompanies this doll. A gentleman from Rhode Island brought this doll to the Julia offices. He told us that his late wife rescued this doll from a trash heap in their neighborhood some 20 years ago. Extremely attractive hand painted cloth doll made in Central Falls, RI circa 1860 with one piece head and upper torso with all molded and painted features having wonderful detail to the ears and three dimensional molding to the eyes. She has short brown painted hair with four ringlet curls draping in front of the exposed ears, well molded eyelids and dark blue eyes with highlighted irises. The entire body is covered with stockinet and the hands and lower legs are also molded and painted cloth in a manner similar to the painting of the head. As is typical with these larger models she has the rarer bare feet with separately stitched toes. SIZE: 29" (73 cm). CONDITION: Some possible, very aged enhancement to lip coloring. Shoulder plate shows aged paint touch up to shoulder plate although black light inspection does not show these discrepancies. Further black light inspection reveals no touch up to facial features, head, or other body parts. Both ankles have been damaged at some point in the past and have been reinforced with old cloth.

image courtesy James D. Julia, Inc.


  1. I have a growing love of Izannah's and wondered if you think there is overpainting on this face?Jane(UK)

  2. Hi, Jane - there is no way for me to say from the pictures only. But I will say that it's a rare Izannah that has seen no help at all.



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