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A New Record Set for Izannah Walker Dolls

The 18" brown-complexioned doll in Day One of Theriault's Rosalie auction netted $80,000 (plus buyer's premium). This is a new record for Izannah Walker dolls, passing the auction record set last year for John Thayer. This doll is special amongst Izannah Walker dolls because of her applied wool hair, being the only known Izannah doll with a brown complexion, and having provenance of coming directly from the Walker family (via Maurine Popp to Richard Wright to Rosalie Whyel). 

Robin Wyatt graciously shared the following images she took from the preview period at Theriault's Day One Rosalie auction. 

Theriault's description of the doll: 

"18" (46 cm.) All-cloth doll with stitched-on head with pressed, stiffened and oil-painted facial features, brown painted complexion, black painted pate under original wig cap of tightly curled woolen yarn on linen backing, painted outlined brown eyes, black brows, closed mouth with slightly upturned lips, brown sateen body over muslin stitch-jointed body, brown oil-painted lower arms and legs. Condition: very good, original finish with few rubs on face, some wig sparseness, brown sateen somewhat worn. Marks: Patented Nov. 4, 1873 (ink script label on back shoulderplate). Comments: Izannah Walker, 1873, the doll is wearing its original crisp cotton dress and cotton apron with stenciled design, undergarments, red woolen stockings, brown shoes. The doll was acquired from the Izannah Walker family by noted doll historian Maureen Popp, and it resided in the collection of Richard Wright until its acquisition by the Museum. Value Points; the extremely rare doll, in original costume, of which few are known to exist, was featured in an article by Donna Kaonis in September 1993 issue of Antique Doll World."

Collectors of dolls and makers of dolls alike will be very interested in these images. Thanks go  to Robin Wyatt for giving us this study opportunity. 

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