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Three Izannah Walker Dolls to be Auctioned by Theriault's in January

Auction update: 
Lot #3, brown complexioned doll hammer price was $80,000 plus premium 
Lot #4, Izannah Walker doll with furnishings and accessories, $28,000 plus premium 
 Lot #302, Later Izannah Walker Doll, $28,000 plus premium

Theriault's will auction three Izannah Walker dolls from Rosalie Whyel's collection. The trio of Walker dolls represent a synopsis of Izannah Walker's work: a classic pre-patent 20" doll with ringlet curls in front of the ears, an extremely rare black doll with applied wool hair, and a less often found post-patent doll from Izannah's later work. The three dolls, nestled in a collection of American Cloth dolls, are highlighted by Florence Theriault at 14:15 in Theriault's YouTube video here:


Lot #4 - Image courtesy of Theriault's,
auction hammer price $28,000 plus buyer's premium 

The 20" classic doll - Lot #4 of the Day One auction, was featured  in an article written by Susan Hedrick in the Summer 1998 issue of Soft Dolls & Animals. Author Susan Hedrick, who wrote the article "Izannah Walker:  Godmother of Cloth Dollmakers," was the curator of the Rosalie Whyel museum from 1988 to 1998. The editor of Soft Dolls and Animals gave permission for the article to be available here on the Izannah walker Chronicles. This doll is auctioned with her trunk and its contents, and a chair.  

Lot #3, image courtesy of Theriault's
Auction hammer price $80,000 plus buyer's premium

The black doll - Lot #4 of the Day One Auction - will enjoy a post all her very own here on the Chronicles. More to follow on this exciting example of Izannah's work. 

Doll at right, Lot #302, image courtesy Theriault's
Auction hammer price $28,000 plus buyer's premium

Lot #302, from Day Two of Rosalie: A Life of Dolls, is said to be identical to a post-patent doll still wearing her label. Post patent dolls have a different look than the classic folk art dolls Walker is most known for, but they are less often found. 

It would be interesting to be at the auction in person, but for those who cannot travel, Theriault's offers a number of ways to bid, and also to watch the auction via the internet in real time: 


(Author's note: Dixie Redmond/Izannah Walker Chronicles is not recompensed financially for dolls featured on this site. The information and images presented here are with permission for the enjoyment of those who love Izannah Walker dolls.) 


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